Friday, August 24, 2012

Youth Service America and UnitedHealthcare Offer Grants for Service-Learning Projects to Combat Childhood Obesity

This might be a great way to get funding for your TTEC project!

Youth Service America and UnitedHealthcare are inviting schools and other community-based nonprofit organizations to "step into service" by applying for UnitedHealth HEROES grants.
Grants of up to $1,000 are available for youth-led service-learning projects that aim to combat childhood obesity through walking, running, or hiking. Project proposals must include an activity element where young people can count their steps, as well as a service component that provides direct service, enables advocacy on behalf of a cause, or features youth philanthropy.
Service-learning projects are projects that engage young people in performing meaningful service to the community as they gain new knowledge about the issue they are addressing (childhood obesity), and acquire important college, career, and workforce readiness skills in the process.

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Deadline - October 15th

Monday, August 6, 2012

Susquenita Teachers Hit the Trail!

The group on the Darlington Trail, criss-crossing Cumberland & Perry Counties.
On Wednesday, July 25th, 27 teachers from Susquenita School took to the Appalachian Trail in Perry County! Susquenita Middle School civics teacher and Trail to Every Classroom alum Paul Marth did an awesome job coordinating three group hikes and providing outdoor education materials for an In-Service Day in Susquenita’s “backyard.” While taking breathers along the trek, readings from both Bill Bryon’s A Walk in the Woods and Richard Louv’s Last Child in the Woods added to the experience in highlighting the benefits of direct exposure to nature for children and the Appalachian Trail as a resource and outdoor classroom.

ATC staff were able to join the teachers in their hikes traversing Cove and Kittatinny Mountains. One group did 5 miles on the Darlington Trail and Appalachian Trail from the ridge of Kittatinny Mountain to PA-850 and two groups hiked 7 miles from the PA-850 parking area, up Cove Mountain, and then down into Duncannon. The path was well-blazed thanks to Susquenita efforts earlier in the year
The group at Hawk Rock

Check out more photos and information on all of the great things A.T. Community Duncannon, PA is doing to better connect the community and the A.T.! 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Alumni Summer Workshop

 Hike Leadership and Wilderness First Aid
Advisory Council on Mt Willard
We had a fantastic week with TTEC alumni and AT Club members in the beautiful White Mountains of New Hampshire.  The week started with the TTEC Advisory Council meeting where we discussed the future of the program including graduate credit, alumni opportunities, and deepening club and teacher connections.  Sunday evening, 53 participants arrived at AMC’s Highland Center and we had an informal social meet and greet.   It was great to see alumni from the past 6 years of TTEC and representatives from all 14 states along the Trail.  Monday morning started bright and early with welcoming remarks, introductions and the Advisory Council sharing what they’ve been up to.  We also had a very successful Carousel Activity where alumni and club members shared ideas, resources and successes.  Check out the results here! 
Wilderness First Aid Training

Before lunch, we quickly shifted into Wilderness First Aid mode and by the end of the day we all had made splints and slings for various mock scenarios.  Monday evening was an optional CPR training and Tuesday continued the Wilderness First Aid training; helping alumni gain confidence in taking their students outside.  Tuesday evening, the AMC hosted a special Astronomy program for us!  We all had an opportunity to play with various iPad apps

Greenleaf Hut
 and  realized how small we really are!  Wednesday and Thursday were dedicated to Hike Leadership training, focusing on trip planning, incident management and decision making.  Thursday afternoon the group split into two, one hiking to Lonesome Lake Hut, while the other headed up to Greenleaf Hut.   During the hikes, we split into smaller groups and shared activities to do with students along the trail.  From learning  to count in Cherokee to nature discovery, this bunch was filled with a variety of knowledge and great ideas.  The weather was perfect and several from the Lonesome Lake group enjoyed a swim, while a few Greenleafers summited Mt Lafayette.  Everyone was sad to leave the huts and hike back down Friday morning, but we ended the week sharing our favorite parts and ideas for making it even better in the future.  All in all it was an awesome week, and we look forward to continuing to provide alumni opportunities in the future!

North Carolina NCCAT participants

North Carolina NCCAT participants
At the Wayah Bald Fire Tower

Mary Jane

Mary Jane
On top of Silers Bald