Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Place Is Important

“Place is important. Place is important.” Dr. Robert Siudzinski starts off saying this, in a whisper of a voice. This caught the attention of our TTEC group gathered at the Highland Center in the White Mountains. Why is my place along the AT important? What will I pull from my students to show this with them?
“Soil is sexy.” Not only did this get our attention and a laugh, but a few side comments as well. Joe Homer took us out to look at some very sexy soil as he showed how to cut through the soil layering and examine it as a geologist. This relates to the Rocks and Minerals unit I teach in 4th grade. Is there a way to include this in my project curriculum?
“Leave No Trace.” I thought this simply meant, “Carry in, Carry out.” I was surprised that there are actually 7 parts to this program, and will definitely be teaching these to my students, as well as “Hike Safe”.
After 2 days of much inquiry-based instruction, I left on Saturday with lots of ideas, lots of question to be hopefully answered this summer, and the desire to go for a hike. My daughter, Colleen, and our dogs, hit the AT on Sunday hiking up to the Rattle River shelter off of route 2 in Shelburne NH. As we hiked along my mind was spinning with possible project ideas. But I knew most importantly that I had found my place, and after all, “place is important”!

Post by Patricia Weathers
Edward Fenn School
Gorham, NH

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North Carolina NCCAT participants

North Carolina NCCAT participants
At the Wayah Bald Fire Tower

Mary Jane

Mary Jane
On top of Silers Bald