Monday, August 10, 2015


David Adamiak
Urbana Middle School
Ijamsville, MD
2015 TTEC Cohort


When one hikes the AT, it’s a topic of nearly every hiker. Did you see a bear? Was he aggressive? Did he go after your food?  Do you use the bear pole at the shelter? I just completed 6 days on the trail last

week.  I started in Harpers Ferry and traveled south to Thornton Gap in SNP. The first thru-hiker I saw said to me,” I just saw a bear with her cub just 10 minutes ago.  Make sure you keep your dog close to you.” ( I brought my trusty Border Collie, “Bryce” with me). On the end of the second day, I made it to the “Bear’s Den” campsite.  They had a tree with carving with a …you guessed it, a bear (see photo).

Talking with through hikers at the end of day three at the Rod Hollow shelter, someone shared a story about how a hiker got attacked by a bear in his hammock.  Apparently he had an open can of tuna with him while he was resting. As a result, everyone put up their food on the bear pole that night ;-)

I got to see my bear just south of the Tom Floyd shelter.  He or she was fairly young.  I rounded a corner and surprised him.  He immediately ran a few yards down the trail and then turned left.  I was able to see him for a little while longer, for he traveled parallel at a short distance with me.  I never felt in danger.

My hike would have not have felt complete if I hadn’t seen one.

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North Carolina NCCAT participants

North Carolina NCCAT participants
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