Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Experiencing the Trail

Caitlin Ward
Berkshire School
Sheffield, MA
2015 TTEC Cohort

Classes start up on Tuesday, and in celebration of the last few days of summer, two friends and I headed out onto the AT for a day hike.  We walked out my back door, jumped on a side trail, and were soon on the AT.  Our ultimate goal was a swim in Guilder Pond, one of the treasured landmarks on the top of our mountain ridge.

During our journey, we passed one thru-hiker and a couple our for a labor day weekend trip.  As we walked, I found myself thinking about one of the issues we discussed during the summer workshop: access for all, while protecting the integrity of the trail.  The power in the solitude of the trail has always been the most remarkable part about it for me.  Offering an escape from the boarding school bubble, if only a stones throw away. A world where silence takes on a different meaning.  A shared experience who those you pass both know and feel.  My four short hours on the trail allowed me to reset, feel re inspired, and prepared to tackle the school year that is quickly approaching.

Yes, I want my students to learn and know, but more importantly, I want them to feel.  Looking ahead to this year, building this connection stands as an overarching goal.

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North Carolina NCCAT participants

North Carolina NCCAT participants
At the Wayah Bald Fire Tower

Mary Jane

Mary Jane
On top of Silers Bald