Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Mountain Called Katahdin

Colleen Gentry
Prices Fork Elementary School
Blacksburg, VA
2015 TTEC Cohort

The Appalachian Trail took my husband and I to the top of the world! Whirling amongst swirling clouds and spitting rain, the top of Mount Katahdin seemed like it could possibly be out of reach. About two thirds of our way up the white blazed trail, we even considered turning around. But once we crested a plateau feature called Table Land, we knew we could complete our journey.

The summit of the mountain, at 5,269 feet, was already occupied when we arrived. All morning we had been passed by strong, lanky hikers on their way to finishing their epic trek. The trail had brought us all together. My goal was to make a plug for reaching at the top of the mountain!

Our journey to the mountain top that day was made even more special because of the friends we made during the Summer Institute in West Virginia. Rosie and Jessica were residents of Millinocket Maine, and we met them during this summer time. When my husband and I said that we were heading up that way, they immediately said, “Call us when you get in town!”

We did and it made our trip! It was so fun to have a connection to Maine and its people and environment through these generous and thoughtful folks. Rosie is a teacher, bus driver and librarian at the Granite elementary school in town, and we had a lovely visit to her home for Whoopie Pies. What is a Whoopie Pie? It depends who you ask, of course. Both Maine and Pennsylvania claim the delectable treat. A chocolate cake with creamy white filling.

By hiking the Appalachian Trail and getting to know its people places, villages and regions, we have gotten to know a part of America that few have experienced.

Trail to Every Classroom Summer Institute gave us amazing educational opportunities.

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