Monday, December 14, 2015

Strength in Numbers

Pia Houseal-Allport, Barb Lindtner, and Kim Stetser
Seven Generations Charter School
Emmaus, PA
2015 TTEC Cohort

For our final blog post, we wanted to spend time thinking about what Trail to Every Classroom has meant to us. We each found different avenues through which to apply the teachings within our educational settings. The core values of TTEC mean a little something different to each one of us and motivated us in a various ways. Collectively, though, we are all incredibly thankful for the supportive team we developed.

In the course of typical professional development seminars, you spend a few hours, potentially with someone you know, while listening to a lecturer. There is little time for conversation, let alone collaboration. TTEC does it differently. We learned together, out of town, over multiple days. We traveled together, bunked together, and celebrated together. Most importantly, we worked together to develop a curriculum that was close to our hearts. Even though the three of us began working at the same school, responsibilities take precedence and there doesn’t seem to be time for all of those things at home. TTEC really brought us together. Through our hiking/backpacking experiences, unit planning, and cohort activities, we have deepened our relationships into friendships that are supportive, understanding, and long-lasting.

Excitingly, we’ve also been able to extend the hands of friendship through our entire cohort. We have plans to meet up with the Mid-Atlantic Region in the spring, even after our commitments have expired, because we are so dedicated to the mission and sincerely enjoy working with the people the ATC team pulled together. The week together this summer with the whole 2015 cohort was incredible. The opportunity to develop relationships with people states away was invaluable, and we cherish the connections we’ve made along the AT!

There are so many exemplary comments to make about the Trail to Every Classroom program. For us, the best part is the camaraderie and collaboration we developed as a group. The three of us started as friendly colleagues, applying for an exciting workshop that fit the mission and vision of our workplace. Now, months later, we are truly a family who has found strength in numbers through trying times. Thank you ATC and TTEC!

Pia, Barb, and Kim

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North Carolina NCCAT participants

North Carolina NCCAT participants
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